making a nice userbar

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making a nice userbar

Postby thecad » August 4th, 2010, 12:39 pm

hi you all wanted a tut on userbars here is one :)
i used another name for this one but w/e :)

1. open a new pic with size 350 x 19 pixels.

2. b4 u do anything to it, open another new pic with 3 x 3 pixel size and zoom it, then make it like this: (using the pencil tool)
3. then click edit > define patern, then this window will appear:

click ok

4. now just close the pattern pic

5. next, pick a pic that u want to become ur userbar, i'll use this:

6. then, just drag it to the userbar and place it like this or how ever you like it:

7. then make a new layer by pressing: ctrl+shift+N

8. at "layer 2", use this tool the rectangular:

and the press ctrl+A to select the pic..

9. right click at the pic, and click fill...
if you want to make it animated save as a psd so you dont have to start over :P
and you're done i will also post an tut on how to make it animated :D
this is the link to the animated :D viewtopic.php?f=24&t=350

greetz TheCad
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