ToukuFM - The Anime EDM & Live DJ Mix Cyber Radio Station!

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ToukuFM - The Anime EDM & Live DJ Mix Cyber Radio Station!

Postby HKO2006 » September 25th, 2015, 8:08 pm

Just got this from Kuro's sub feed. So apparently there is a new online radio and Kuro is one of the DJs.
On the 28th & 29th of August the internet radio station ToukuFM launched, and I'm one of the resident DJs alongside people like Shimotsukei, Archari, Aria, S.O.T.U.I., Shroo, BrainShit, Linkyo, and many more! (:
I will have a biweekly 60 minute show called Hyakki Yakō where I'll play genres from House Electro to J-Core every 2nd Friday.

Kuro - ToukuFM Launch Mix

Spoiler: show
00:00 野宮あゆみ - Fortune Heart
03:30 nomico - Back Down
07:48 Polyphonix feat. 浅場佳苗 - You're the illest!
09:18 Freezer - Garbage Maker
11:46 sumijun feat. 長尾ちえみ - Kiss & Crazy (extend mix)
16:36 GAT feat. yukacco - The Beginning of Spring
20:38 REDALiCE feat. a☆ru - Snowy Days
23:54 Freezer - My Treasure
27:32 banvox - Monolith
29:38 DJ TEKINA feat. DJ Samurai - We Gotta Power of Music
33:36 Massive New Krew - MUTANT
37:16 Alstroemeria Records - Bergamot
40:16 A-RISE - Shocking Party (Haruka Tamasaki Remix)
43:48 Nishikino Maki - Royal Darling (MASAKARI_ MashUp)
46:12 KO3 - SITES
48:42 DJ TEKINA feat. YUC'e - Wicked Irie
52:08 隣人 feat. 3L - KICKING TRICK (Nhato Remix)
56:10 Ayakura Mei - Exstricate

ToukuFM - The Anime EDM & Live DJ Mix Cyber Radio Station!
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