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Postby Dubstep Girl » April 20th, 2010, 7:51 am

This is recovered from old forums.

anyways, here is a link with all of DJ Splash's songs for all interested.

There are RARS which are in a library/collection form. so you have to download all 11 or so and extract, make sure the name is correct for all.

you can also download songs separately..

anyways here is the link
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Postby jordesu » April 20th, 2010, 3:46 pm

Cheers <3
Splash is ownage, according to I think wikipedia, he has something to do with the
TV business.

Also, do you wanna make the link any bigger? ;D

RC EDIT: the link is now bigger
JORDAZ EDIT: Oh good one x)
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Postby Demonlord » May 8th, 2010, 1:36 am

Thanks, i love his remix Flying high
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Postby Black Cat » May 8th, 2010, 3:08 pm

Thanks for this Unholy! Splash is good so this is great! :3

Shame it was so many seperate RAR's >.<
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Postby Di Varo » May 9th, 2010, 3:35 pm

Thanks a lot Unholy!
Dj Splash is great! I love the Cotton Eyed Joe remix
Di Varo
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Postby Dubstep Girl » June 16th, 2010, 6:48 am

i like his song forever dancing and happy times or whatever its called.

ones of the best djs out there thats for sure
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Postby Dubstep Girl » June 17th, 2010, 4:41 pm


the old website got suspended so i got lucky enough to find the direct megaupload links. here they are :D

All of DJ Splash's work

1. 8543 City Hornslet [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
2. A Beautiful Day (2006 Summer Remake).mp3
3. A Beautiful Day (Dan-J Remix).mp3
4. A Beautiful Day (Original Version).mp3
5. A Beautiful Day (Primetime Final Full Remix).mp3
6. A Beautiful Day (Primetime Remix Final).mp3
7. A Beautiful Day (Radio Edit).mp3
8. A Beautiful Day (Trancequility Styled Remix).mp3
9. A Beautiful Day (Unknown Remix).mp3
10. A Kör (Workidz vs DJ Splash Remix).mp3
11. About Music [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
12. Adam [Splash & Zola Remix].mp3
13. After hour.mp3
14. All I Ever Wanted (Candy Crew Remix).mp3
15. Always And Forever.mp3
16. Are U Ready [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
17. Axel Foley [2004].mp3
18. Axel Foley [2005].mp3
19. Back 2 Future [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
20. Banging In Dreamworld [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
21. Bass Is Kicking (Bassbrazzer Gone Wild Remix).mp3
22. Bass Is Kicking (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
23. Bass Is Kicking [Wackez Vs. Clubbiz Akustic Gone Bad Remix]
24. Bass Is Kicking.mp3
25. Be Alive! [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
26. Beautiful Girls (Splash Remix).mp3
27. Because The Night (Splash Remix Edit).mp3
28. Behind These Hazel Eyes [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
29. Beverly Pils Theme 2006.mp3
30. Big Big World (Hypersnap Re-Remix).mp3
31. Big Big World (Slack Jr. Remix Edit).mp3
32. Black Magic [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
33. Born To Be Alive [Splash Remix].mp3
34. Bounce Muthafuckaz [DJ Splash remix].mp3
35. Celebrate The Summer [Splash Remix].mp3
36. Chance 2 Dance (Splash Remix).mp3
37. Coco Jamboo 2006 [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
38. Come Into My Life.mp3
39. Cotten Eyed Joe (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
40. Crying Soul (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
41. Damn! 2005.mp3
42. Days & Nights (DJ Splash RMX).mp3
43. Days Goes By.mp3
44. De Bitches [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
45. Destiny [Original Mix].mp3
46. Diabolic Heartbeat (Backslash Remix).mp3
47. Diabolic Heartbeat (Club Mix).mp3
48. Diabolic Heartbeat (Dan-J Remix).mp3
49. DiscoRoller [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
50. Don\'t Fall In Love (Boosterz Inc. Remix).mp3
51. Don\'t Fall In Love (DJ Antoni Remix).mp3
52. Don\'t Fall In Love [Original Edit].mp3
53. Don\'t Fall in Love (Stream vs Rees Remix).mp3
54. Don\'t Go Away [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
55. Dong (The Theme) (Original Mix).mp3
56. Dr. Feel Good.mp3
57. Dragostea Din Tei [DJ Splash 2005 Remix].mp3
58. Dragostea Din Tei [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
59. Electronic Love [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
60. Elysium [DJ Splash Remix] .mp3
61. En Lille Sort Neger Fra Afrika 2005.mp3
62. End Of Summer [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
63. Endless Summer [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
64. Energize [Original Edit].mp3
65. Energize.mp3
66. Energizer.mp3
67. Enjoy The Sound.mp3
68. Everlasting Love [Original Mix].mp3
69. Everlasting Love [TranceCentral Radio Edit].mp3
70. Everything Has An End [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
71. Eyes On Me (Splash Remix).mp3
72. Eyes Will See You (Splash Remix).mp3
73. Face Down Ass Up (DJ Zappa Remix).mp3
74. Face Down Ass Up [Original Radio Edit].mp3
75. Feeling Free [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
76. Feelings.mp3
77. Felhok Közt [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
78. Flying High (Speed).mp3
79. Flying High [DJ Splash Radio Edit].mp3
80. Forever Dancing (Original Mix).mp3
81. Forever Dancing [Radio Edit].mp3
82. Future Vibez (Club Edit).mp3
83. Gangstas Paradise 2005 [DJ Splash String Remix].mp3
84. God Is A Girl [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
85. Happy Times.mp3
86. Hard house mix!!.mp3
87. Hoppesangen (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
88. Hoppesangen [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
89. How Ya Feel [Radio Edit].mp3
90. Hung Up [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
91. Hurricane (Candy Crew Remix).mp3
92. Hurricane (Splash Remix).mp3
93. Hvor Er Geordie Fra.mp3
94. Hăşzz Magadhoz (DJ Tomuca Italo-Tekk RMX).mp3
95. I Nat [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
96. I\'ve Got The Love (DJ Splash Pumpin Rmx).mp3
97. I\'ve Got The Love [DJ Splash Pumpin\' Extended Remix].mp3
98. In the Carnival.mp3
99. Inspiration (Short Version).mp3
100. Inspiration.mp3
101. It Hurts With You (Splash Remix).mp3
102. It\'s Up To You (DJ Splash Remix)(Cut).mp3
103. It\'s Up To You [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
104. It´s A Dream [DJ Splash Remix NY].mp3
105. Kick Down (Splash Edit).mp3
106. Koma (Reloaded) (Splash vs. Mikkas Remix).mp3
107. Kompa Club.mp3
108. Komputermelody [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
109. Koochi Koochi [Splash & Zola Remix].mp3
110. Last Unicorn (Splash Remix).mp3
111. Legal Alien (La la La) (Splash & Zola 2009 Remix).mp3
112. Let The Bass Be Loud [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
113. Lick On Me [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
114. Life Goes On (Orignial Mix).mp3
115. Listen To Your Heart [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
116. Living In A Dream [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
117. Lost In Heaven (Hypersnap Remix).mp3
118. Lost In Heaven [Original Mix].mp3
119. Love In Siberia (Candy Crew Remix).mp3
120. Make A Miracle [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
121. Make My Day [DJ Splash Edit].mp3
122. Master Blaster - Everywhere (DJ Splash Edit).mp3
123. Memories [Splash Remix].mp3
124. Memories.mp3
125. Mini Megamix 2008!.mp3
126. Monkey Island [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
127. Move On (Radio Edit).mp3
128. My Feelings.mp3
129. My First Love (N-Traxx Remix).mp3
130. My First Love (Original Mix).mp3
131. My First Love [2006 Remake].mp3
132. My First Love [Mikkas Remix].mp3
133. N.G.O.S [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
134. New Life.mp3
135. Night & Days [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
136. No Limit.mp3
137. Nordic Stars - Jump Jump [Splash Edit].mp3
138. Norwegian Rebel (Original Remake of Banana Inc. Version).mp3
139. Not Available (Splash 2007 Remix).mp3
140. Nu är Sommaren Här (Splash Edit).mp3
141. Once Again.mp3
142. One Breath [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
143. Party Time!.mp3
144. Party With You [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
145. Project One [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
146. Ragabeats [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
147. Rave Heaven (Splash Edit).mp3
148. Rave Mansion Anthem 2006 [DJ Splash Uplifting Remix].mp3
149. Ready For Take Off (Dan Winter Remix).mp3
150. Revolution.mp3
151. Right In The Night (Splash Remix).mp3
152. Ring Dinge Ding (Banana Inc. Mix).mp3
153. Ring Dinge Ding (Samitions Speed Edit).mp3
154. Ring Dinge Ding.mp3
155. Rock The Club [Original Radio Cut].mp3
156. Sister Golden Hair [DJ Splash Vs. Dennis D. Remix].mp3
157. Sleeping In My Car [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
158. So Irresistable.mp3
159. Sommaren Är Här Igen [Splash & Zola Remix].mp3
160. Sound Of My Dream [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
161. Stop Loving You (Candy Crew Remake).mp3
162. Summer Is Calling (Splash Remix Edit).mp3
163. Summer [Splash Mix 2006].mp3
164. Take Control.mp3
165. Take It to the Max (Bass Lovers Anthem Edit).mp3
166. Tedd Fel a Kezedet 2007.mp3
167. Tell Me Why [Splash Remix].mp3
168. The Lonely Game (Splash & Zola Remix).mp3
169. The Love We Had [Club Mix].mp3
170. The Miracle Maker [Club Mix].mp3
171. The Miracle Maker.mp3
172. The Touch [Original Mix].mp3
173. Thinking About You (Splash & Zola Remizzle Remix).mp3
174. This Is My Life Bass-Base Remix.mp3
175. This Is My Life.mp3
176. This Is Our Life [Short Club Edit].mp3
177. Time 4 Dance [DJ Splash Club Mix].mp3
178. Time 4 Dance [DJ Splash Radio Edit].mp3
179. To The Club [Club Edit].mp3
180. Trip To Paradise.mp3
181. Trip to Paradise (DJ Diskant Remix).mp3
182. Trip to Paradise (DJ Zappa Remix).mp3
183. True Love (Hypersnap Remix).mp3
184. True Love [Radio Edit].mp3
185. U Like This.mp3
186. Várj még.mp3
187. Waiting (Splash Remix).mp3
188. Wanksta an Kriz.mp3
189. We Are All Going To Paradise [DJ Splash Vs. Dennis D. Remix]
190. Weekend Has Come [Splash Remix] Newest.mp3
191. Where Are You (Candy Crew Remake).mp3
192. Where Is The Love [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
193. Whooo! (Splash Remix).mp3
194. Without Me 2005.mp3
195. Wonderland (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
196. Wünsch Dir Was (DJ Splash Remix).mp3
197. You (Remix).mp3
198. You Know [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
199. You Spin Me Round 2006 [DJ Splash Remix].mp3
200. You [Extended Mix].mp3
201. You.mp3
202. Zombie (Candy Crew Remake).mp3

Download all of these songs in a convenient (almost) complete .rar file!!
Here are The 13 .rar parts, each 99 mb. Ill upload them to mediafire later.

Megaupload__________________________________________________ __________________________________Mediafire Real Splash.part01.rar / Real Splash.part02.rar/ Real Splash.part03.rar / Real Splash.part04.rar / Real Splash.part05.rar / Real Splash.part06.rar / Real Splash.part07.rar / Real Splash.part08.rar / Real Splash.part09.rar / Real Splash.part10.rar / /Da Real Splash.part11.rar /Da Real Splash.part12.rar /Da Real Splash.part13.rar
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Postby Kirby » June 17th, 2010, 4:50 pm

^ Leeched from Euro Adrenaline so full credit goes to them.
I figured I'd merge this into the original Splash topic.
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Postby ChickenButa » July 7th, 2010, 6:50 am

thx for the post of DJ Splash, i only had 100 of his songs, now a full collection =D

p.s. links are stilll online XD
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Postby Dubstep Girl » December 13th, 2010, 6:43 pm

not meaning to bump old topics, but this is a good post. plus jordaz wants to redownload :P
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Dubstep Girl :)
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Postby jordesu » December 13th, 2010, 7:54 pm

Could you do me a favour and make a torrent out of all those for me please?
Or just shorten the amount of download links by making the rars bigger or whatever ^^"
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Postby Black Cat » December 15th, 2010, 11:57 am

Lawl, forgot about this. Downloaded around 4 parts then I forgot about it and now I lost them :<

Might dl again when I get home.
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Postby RaveComing » December 15th, 2010, 7:09 pm

Damn, Unholy had found the link once, I had all of the 13 parts. Then my comp died before I could back it up:/ The links are probably still up tho, I'll try finding it
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Postby Qoolioz » December 1st, 2011, 7:08 am

DJ Splash is one of my favorite trance artist.
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Postby TntHhd » March 27th, 2012, 6:24 pm


I've got Dj Splash's permission to reupload his songs XD
I'll be reuploading them in my channel during this week XD
This is my Youtube Channel ;)
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